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KG_KUHN_20150821_1012512015 – Kurt & Melanie Kuhn in front of the Payson, UT. Temple.


Above is my latest comparison from the first, to the most recent weigh-in date.
In this comparison, I have lost: 99 lbs! As of 8/20/16… I have lost 100.6 lbs!!

Below are other shots from a few weeks ago for comparison…

2016-08-04_KUHN_WEIGHT_LOSS_RIGHT_SIDE_COMPARISON_1920My Body Building (Sculpting) phase will begin soon!



If you are considering viewing my video and photo journals of my weight loss progression, please know they are meant for positive learning, that people may be inspired to lose weight, or even inspired never to gain weight to begin with. Though I have nothing shown that is not view-able, due to the extreme nature of the photos and videos I show of myself, I do not recommend showing any of this to children.


There will always be those who will abuse these photos and videos.
Some will call me foolish, some will say I am brave.
Please know that what I show of my journey I do so to help everyone that wish to be helped, and to prove to those like me that don’t believe it is possible.


If you have fallen into the trap that I fell into, all you need do is
follow me in this journal. Replicate all I do and you will succeed!


How did I get here? You know… to that point where I knew it was my time to change? Well, aside from not being able to walk, being in pain and discomfort 24/7, and not even able to enjoy the foods I ate to get this way…. there was something even more prominent in my life that let me know I needed that change. My Family means everything to me… and even that fact did not make me want it enough, and I continued abusing myself. I was glutenous… and had become a slave to my food. Seeing this,  friends of mine from Church greatly tried to work with me, only to find that I was too large to even fit on the weight machines, and that  I tired easily, having no true drive what-so-ever. I felt like there was no hope for me. Then I remembered I am not alone in what I am going through. Knowing I could not do this on my own, I asked the Father for the strength and perseverance to make it happen, and the avenue to do it. I even contacted a quite remarkable trainer that had been on a TV show recently, of whom lived too far away to really do anything with me. Still, he too gave me support. My prayers would soon be answered in a place I was not suspecting. One day I had gone to Kaiser to pick up my medications (the same medications I will eventually be off of as I lose weight). I was painfully shuffling down the hall to go outside to may car when I came to some opened doors. I had never paid attention to them before today. As I was shuffling past them, the Holy Ghost said to me “Go through the doors”. I was tired, and decided to ignore that suggestion. Now almost past the doors, the Holy Ghost again speaks to me, this time more prominently and in a commanding voice… “Go through the doors!”…. so I decided to do so. I backtracked a few steps, and shuffled though the doors, making my way up to the counter where I was met by a smiling face. The woman behind the counter stated “Welcome to Kaiser Weight Management”. It was then I knew my time had come. I was given a heavenly intervention that I very much needed. I had asked the Father for guidance on my health… and He gave it. I am eternally grateful. Not everyone needs this kind of push, and hopefully in reading this, maybe my experience will let you know that it is possible! I suppose in that action that my intervention may transfer to you! And yours to another…. We will never know until we try. With that, I can tell you YOU CAN DO THIS. As I type this addition to my blog, I am weeks into this program, and with the continued support of everyone in my life, especially my family, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, and I continue to lose today! Redemption is real.. and within reach! You TOO can do this!!




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