July 6, 2016 Week 008 – Day 048 – EPIPHANY!

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July 6, 2016 Week 008 – Day 048 – EPIPHANY!

July 6, 2016

Week 008 – Day 048

I actually FEEL smaller today! I am very anxious to see what I weigh tomorrow! I have come to find that as I work hard in my walking and active time, I am making myself ravenously hungry. Even the smells of food is driving me crazy. It has become difficult once again to hear people discussing food. And I seem to be taking offense now to when people tell me how hungry they are, or when they have just eaten something, and tell me it didn’t satisfy them. It is not their fault of course, and I am the one in the wrong here. That stated, as they tell me these things I am thinking to myself… or even vocalizing to my wife…. how lucky they are to have food. My mindset now knows how much I took food for granted. Kind of shocking to realize that fact. One thing is for sure… my wife is truly amazing in all this… and she stands by me, and gives me that extra push. The most of my strength comes from the Father in Heaven as He helps me become well again.. that I may serve to the best of my ability.
Of note: Daniel is a different man. He is positive daily now, whereas before he spoke of not wanting to do this, and having to drag himself out of bed to do so. Then again… so did I when I started. He is truly doing amazing work. I just wish I could influence him in his eating better. He still gives what I hear as excuse in order to be able to eat. For instance… I will finish telling him how important it is to create the lifestyle he will live with the rest of his life that will allow his body to remain fit, and never get fat again. He responds with words, “But I can still have this… or have that still, right?”… when he really should not…. or rationalize eating habits to his working out.  He may take in a fruit smoothie, thinking it is good for him, and also eat a full box of macaroni and cheese, or a pizza… then think he ate better. I did this as well when I was on food. I can see it is a matter of time before his mindset changes on that.

Today’s FitBit Stats:

14,431 Steps for 6.72 Miles and 3967 Calories burned. 20 Floors Climbed.

Last Night’s Sleep Recorded This Morning:

6 hour 44 min. Asleep last night, Awake X2, Restless X17

Food Schedule:

10AM – Chocolate Shake & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
12PM – Vanilla Shake
2PM – 1 Cinnamon Protein Bar & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
4PM – Chocolate Shake
6PM 1 packet Chicken Soup in 8 oz Water & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
8PM – Vanilla Shake

Calorie Intake for the day = 970