June 13, 2016 Week 005 – Day 025

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June 13, 2016 Week 005 – Day 025

June 13, 2016

Week 005 – Day 025

I like food. I enjoy it. I do not eat out of emotion, but for the taste, and feel what it is. I see works of art in food that I can first hand experience. The problem is that I eat too much of it when I get to have it. This is my quest… to limit myself in a country that pushes food so much. I have a plan. One’s body basically has a math problem each day. So much in must be met with so much out. If one exceeds the other, the result goes in the direction we have taking it. Weighing less by burning more than you take in, or gaining weight by burning less than you take in. It truly is simply mathematics. A calorie is a calorie, albeit nutrients needed is essential. Some of the foods I like do not have nutritional value, and thus called the empty calorie. As I spoke of before, I will continue to log my food experience until the day I die. I can see now that when I do so, I am more conscious of what I have daily. Can I successfully apply this thinking to when I begin eating again? I believe so. I now know what it is like to take myself to the very edge of unhealthiness. I was literally in pain 24/7, I could not breath, my body was shutting down on me with my legs swelling to elephant size. I was completely helpless and not able to walk. I could not even wipe myself in the bathroom. Quite the humbling experience. This is burned into my soul, and I now know I will NEVER allow myself to get that way again. I remember thinking I was in terrible shape at 330 lbs, believing I was dying what what I felt. As of last Thursday, I am 364 lbs, and realize that there is always something worse than what we may believe at the time. What was next for me at 413? Who knows? I do know that pain and helplessness has changed my life for the better. I must admit.. I do look forward to eating food again. I will just do so quite differently than before…. with plan in hand with every meal I take in. I will make sure I am planning ahead, logging everything… and doing my math that I burn more than I eat… or equal to. I will never be heavier than each day I lose weight… and to my eventual goal of 215 lbs…. my fighting weight.
I spoke with my friends today… his name is Daniel Hughes. He is in the same boat as I, except he is a bit shorter than me, making his 300 lbs just as unbearable as my 413 lbs was for me at my own height when I began this program. He, and his sons, will be joining me this Wednesday for my morning walks….. something I had mentioned I was going to begin earlier in this journal. I hope to pay forward the knowledge and actions of this program that he too may lose his weight. Let no one remain behind.
It is Day 4 since I began my walking, with yesterday being my day for the Lord, today I begin with vigor. Hopefully my number will exceed 10,000 steps for the day. It is my going to be my daily goal once I do so. As I walked today, I did notice the soreness in my body as it is getting used to movement and exercise once again. I have been swimming as well….. it is amazing how many muscles you use when doing that activity with purpose. In any case… as I walked today, I was feeling pain in my hips… when I walked uphill. This was not bone pain as many may think when reading this, but instead.. muscle aches… something I have never experienced before in that area of my body. I guess I am getting older. What is that quote from “Encino Man”? Oh yea…. “The cheese is old and moldy.”…. HA!! With me….it is! I am looking forward to having Dan and his sons join me.

Today’s FitBit Stats:

10,194 Steps for 4.76 Miles and 3715 Calories burned. 6 Floors Climbed.

Last Night’s Sleep Recorded This Morning:

9 hour 31 min. Asleep last night, Awake X2, Restless X15

Food Schedule:

10AM – Vanilla Shake & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
12PM – Chocolate Shake
2PM – 1 Peppermint Cocoa Protein Bar & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
4PM – Vanilla Shake
6PM 1 packet Chicken Soup in 8 oz Water & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
8PM – Chocolate Shake

Calorie Intake for the day = 970