June 3, 2016 Week 004 – Day 015 – Leg’s Improving!

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June 3, 2016 Week 004 – Day 015 – Leg’s Improving!

June 3, 2016

Week 004 – Day 015

I awakened today with great energy! I feel my time to start walking is very near, if not here already. I actually want to exercise! This is a feeling I had lost quite a while ago with lethargy, and lack of hope. I stand amazed at the miracle of what is happening. Something I must state as well…. the group of people going through this program, (including the Program Staff, Nurses and Doctors), are all amazing… and VERY supportive of each other! I believe this group was placed together for this reason…. and we are going through this great life change together for great purpose… perhaps to help others to know that it can be done. These people are great… and I know we will be life-long friends even after the program has completed. I wish I would have taken a photo of the group when we began. I believe we may have lost a few participants already, as there have been 1 or 2 empty seats. I will ask if I may take a group photo in this next meeting and weigh-in.

OH! Look at the photo below…. my legs as I woke this morning look almost normal!! Aside from the wraps, you definitely can see the difference in size. Just to let you know how large my left lower leg had gotten, take out a ruler. That is right…. the full ruler of 12 inches. Now measure that diameter into a circle, and there you have how large and round my leg was. I had feared it was not going to return to normal. Now I know I should have had more faith that I am on the path that will fix most of me.



Today’s FitBit Stats:

2282 Steps for 1.06 Miles and 2990 Calories burned. 1 Floors Climbed.

Last Night’s Sleep Recorded This Morning:

8 hour 12 min. Asleep last night, Awake X2, Restless X15

Food Schedule:

10AM – Vanilla Shake & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
12PM – Chocolate Shake
2PM – 1 Peppermint Cocoa Protein Bar & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
4PM – Vanilla Shake
6PM 1 packet Chicken Soup in 8 oz Water & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
8PM – Chocolate Shake

Calorie Intake for the day = 970