June 5, 2016 Week 004 – Day 017 & FitBit Report

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June 5, 2016 Week 004 – Day 017 & FitBit Report

June 5, 2016

Week 004 – Day 017

Yesterday evening was a great mental challenge for me. I wanted food very badly. I am wondering if this is some sort of withdrawal thing? I believe I actually thought about food so much that I believed I was hungry, even though it has been proven on this program already that with what I intake via this program does not leave me so. I think this may be a good thing. Like all addiction… this must happen to rid ourselves of what we allowed ourselves to become dependent on. It happened when I was ridding myself of street drugs in my past… so this is no different. Oh.. I forgot to mention… yes.. I am a drug addict, and as such I keep myself in check everyday… and have done so for more than a few decades now. This will be no different.
One very interesting aspect of this journey is how I am not thirsty. Just three weeks ago if you found me without a 32oz drink in my hand, there would have been something wrong with me. I was drinking a lot! Many will remind me that this is a sign of Diabetes. I agree, and have been tested over and over again…. I was not even pre-diabetic in all tests given to me. That stated… I am at a loss as to why I am not thirsty now. I take in liquid all day with the shake and soup I intake, and I drink at least 3 eight oz. glasses of water, each with fiber in them. Does that account for not being thirsty? Every time I go to get my water…. I have to almost force it down. Hmmmmm… I will inquire at this coming week’s meeting.


Today’s FitBit Stats:

4647 Steps for 2.16 Miles and 3363 Calories burned. 2 Floors Climbed.

Last Night’s Sleep Recorded This Morning:

9 hour 17 min. Asleep last night, Awake X4, Restless X17

Food Schedule:

10AM – Vanilla Shake & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
12PM – Chocolate Shake
2PM – 1 Peppermint Cocoa Protein Bar & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
4PM – Vanilla Shake
6PM 1 packet Chicken Soup in 8 oz Water & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
8PM – Chocolate Shake

Calorie Intake for the day = 970


My FitBit Report – Week of May 30 thru June 5, 2016