June 4, 2016 Week 004 – Day 016

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June 4, 2016 Week 004 – Day 016

June 4, 2016

Week 004 – Day 016

I am definitely having more issue with evening time with my ‘want’ of food. I hope that feeling goes away soon as when it hits, it takes all I have to remain steady. I wake in the morning full of energy, not hungry and looking forward to my day. I no longer drag myself from place to place… and I am not as winded as before. I forgot to mention that our group made team switches this last Thursday for the “walk across America” challenge we were given. You may view the progress posted a few days ago above this entry. I was on Team 3, and now I am part of the Stargazers. We shall CRUSH the competition! LOL… naaaa… it will be fun! I will be returning to my morning walks very soon…. possibly this coming week. One thing these FitBits do is calculate the floors climbed in one day. I am not sure how it is calculated as everything else it calculates is pretty much right on. However, I live in a two story house…. with 17 stairs. My office is upstairs, and the Kitchen is downstairs. Because I keep the food in the Kitchen, I force myself to go down and up those stairs for each meal… not including any other time. So when my FitBit calculates 1 floor… I am a bit puzzled as I have actually done 10 to 12 each day. My state of mind is pretty positive, yet I find myself looking forward to the day I can eat something again. That stated, I know now how valuable this program is, and I dare not waste it. It is my chance to gain my humanity back, and live to be with my family longer, and view all the wonderful things with them. Not to mention the great amount of Missionary work I may now accomplish in His great glory. This I am certain of.

I spoke to my friend again yesterday. He is in the same boat with me in my weight challenge, and his health is very bad. I have asked him again to look at this blog, and let him know I am here to help. Even so, I believe he is having trouble believing that HE can do it. He has two amazing boys that love food as well… and they are at that age where boys are ravenous in their growth…. so getting support from them in this is something I don’t believe he will receive from them. I state that even though I know they love him and wish him to succeed. They simply have no concept of his true issue, and don’t realize how important their involvement must be. He is a food addict like me. Addiction is difficult to deal with when everyone around you is doing what you are addicted to. If he could manage to do this with me for just one week…. he may be able to conquer it all on his own. I will call him again today.

It may read silly, but I have already begin planning my life, especially my diet that will remain in place for the rest of my life…. or until I am fed by another for whatever reason. My plan has actually two plans within it…. “Life Plan” and “Hardcore Plan”. My “Life Plan” includes meal replacement shakes throughout the day, as I plan to keep the intake every two hours as we have started in this program. Since I did this when I was younger in body building, I remember it’s great value in keeping the body burning calories. There may be one green salad for lunch, and one low calorie meal for dinner. There are prepared meals you can buy today that have a total of 250 calories. Then I plan on allowing for one extra special meal a week, that may indulge me from time to time. The trick there is to make sure it is only once a week. I will aim to give myself no more than 2000 to 2500 Calories per day (possibly with a burst on the indulge day to 3000). That, along with making sure I walk 5 miles per day…. and possibly weight training to keep fit. All of that will make sure that I am burning equal or more calories than I eat and drink. Needless to say I am ready to be fit again. That stated…. my fit weight is 200 pounds extremely lean. That, along with my muscles in any kind of larger than average size, due to my previous life, lean may be for me up to 225 pounds. So… I am placing a cap on my weight to be 230 pounds. Should I hit, or near that number each day, I will begin my “Hardcore Plan” of this exact program we are on now, until I am at that reasonable weight once again. Of course this may change as we still have 26 weeks left of the 30… or if I continue in the 72 week program…. well.. we shall see. In any case.. I plan to produce proper nutrition, and exercise until I can no longer do so. Hopefully the “Hardcore Plan” will be very rare. Never-the-less, I shall keep myself in check as I do now.


Today’s FitBit Stats:

2506 Steps for 1.17 Miles and 3046 Calories burned. 3 Floors Climbed.

Last Night’s Sleep Recorded This Morning:

8 hour 1 min. Asleep last night, Awake X1, Restless X17

Food Schedule:

10AM – Chocolate Shake & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
12PM – Vanilla Shake
2PM – 1 Cinnamon Protein Bar & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
4PM – Chocolate Shake
6PM 1 packet Tomato Soup in 8 oz Water & 8 oz glass of water with Orange Fiber
8PM – Vanilla Shake

Calorie Intake for the day = 970