Studio Scale USS Defiant NX-74205 Replica

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Studio Scale USS Defiant NX-74205 Replica

When Richard Long began his pattern work on this amazing model years ago, I felt lucky to be on the list whom would get this piece. Today, I know I am lucky to have one as only 3 were made according to Richard, and what you see here is number 1 of those 3 made. After Dana Diana (DANAMAGIC) laid up the fiberglass for this piece, (also casting the resin pieces needed from Richard’s patterns), Richard then a basic build and paint up of it in time to be seen at 2013’s Wonderfest. After it’s successful debut, Richard brought it home and I assigned it to artist Dan Grumeretz to continue work on it, adding the lighting, windows, extra details and painted markings. While some of the markings are decals, some are also painted on. Since this is a smaller Starship, utilizing fiber optic for the windows would not work for it’s scale, so Dan used clear acrylic rods for the even lighting of the windows…. somewhat like what fiber optics accomplish. Dan also did the red vinyl tape job for the stripes, finishing it for display here at Modeler Magic. I thank all artists involved, including Doug Drexler for assisting Richard with the design in order to get the shape and markings correct. I am very pleased with the result of this replica.

Kurt Kuhn with the studio scale model for size comparison.

Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Dan Grumeretz of Grumeretz, LLC

Patterned By: Richard Long

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  500

Total Vested Cost: $14,600 USD

Current Estimated Value: $25,000 USD

Current Appraised Value: $?? USD