May 15-16, 2016 – Week 001 – Day (T-3 & T-4 Days)

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May 15-16, 2016 – Week 001 – Day (T-3 & T-4 Days)

May 15-16, 2016

– Week 001 – Day (T-3 & T-4 Days) –

  • I have begun eating less. However as I do, I start thinking too much that I will not be having food soon, and I begin eating all the wrong foods. Things I believe I will miss. I basically panic over food. Something true addicts do when they cannot see where their next fix will come from.
  • A few days ago my legs began swelling excessively once again, creating large blisters and dry, leathery skin. My right leg started having pain above my ankle on the rear side. An area the size of my fist becomes raw, and begins leaking my body’s water. It is so extreme that my wife placed a thick feminine pad on it, then wrapped my leg before bed time. By morning it had accumulated so so much water that is water dripping off the pad. One could literally wring it out and have water splash on the floor! At this time it became gross to view…. see the below photo. I thought maybe the cool water of my pool would help,… and it did feel better when I soaked my legs, but it did not help the sore. Cleaning it up once again, I let it be in the open air to see if it would dry out and heal. No such luck. Again, here is the photo… NASTINESS….please excuse the dog hairs on my foot. As if that is what you would be looking at…lol.