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Kuhn Global’s – Buck Rogers – TimeSlip Creations Studio Scale (1/18) QUAD FIGHTER by Dan Grumeretz – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

This has been a long time coming. We have had these amazing TimeSlip studio scale Thunder Fighter kits in our hands for years, and we were finally able to get to them. Dan made this one into the Quad Fighter in 2018 and I am just now able to get the Blue Screen Photography done in 2019. Things take a bit more time with me these days as my abilities become more challenging. I still have a blast doing so!

There are not too many of these studio scale Quad Fighters out in the world, as it takes some design and cutting skills to make them. Most do not make the interior for the 4 passengers, but Dan did! We have 1/18 Buck Rogers modified action figures in this miniature, with Buck flying it, Twiki and Dr. Theopolis in the front passenger seat.. and two very 1980’s Buck Rogers styled looking women sitting in the rear passenger seats. I believe one is a modified Amidala figure from Star Wars! LOL. Dan did brilliant work with this… as he always does. The TimeSlip kit was amazing as well. It was nice to work with a hollow hull, and the casts were crisp…thank you George. Thank you all who were involved… wonderful work!

I will soon be photographing the standard Thunder Fighters (both Buck and Wilma), and the final display will look amazing with the three in formation… with the Traeger studio scale Thunder Fighter (SEEN HERE) in pursuit.

Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Dan Grumeretz of Grumeretz, LLC

Kit Offered By: TimeSlip Creations

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  250

Total Vested Cost: $1,600 USD

Current Estimated Value: $2,000 USD

Current Appraised Value: $?? USD