(2007) 1:650 Star Trek: Nemesis – Enterprise 1701-E (2007 Cast #001, Incarnation #001)

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(2007) 1:650 Star Trek: Nemesis – Enterprise 1701-E (2007 Cast #001, Incarnation #001)

This 41 inch model was mastered by Richard Long in 2005-2006, and this was the very first cast kit from his patterns. Though it was the first cast in the world of this model kit, it was the third to be built and finished. The first two to be built (Casts #002 and #003) were finished by ILM artist John Eblan, under his company banner of “The FX Company”. This build (shown here in this posting) was painted to replicate the USS Enterprise we viewed in Star Trek: Nemesis, and at the time was one of the most complex paint schemes of any Enterprise (aside from The Motion Picture Enterprise studio model). The model used for filming the movie was a CG model, and therefore did not exist physically. We were able to obtain the CG files to closely replicate what we saw on film. Due to unforeseen mishaps over the years, eventually this model would undergo FOUR Incarnations of existence using the very same Cast parts that it was made from in the beginning. The model you see in these photos is the very first incarnation of this fine miniature.

Click HERE to View the 2012 Battle Damaged INCARNATION #003

Click HERE to View the 2022 INCARNATION #004 (With Albert Siow as Owner)


Kurt Kuhn with the 41 Inch Nemesis Enterprise (2007)


Model Information

Owner at Time of Posting: Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E Designed by: John Eaves

Kit Master & Build Artist: Richard Long

Blue Screen Photographer: Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Kit Once Offered By: Sovereign Replicas (Kit Cast # 001)

~Hours Vested to Final Display: Unknown

Total Vested Cost of Development and Build: ~$15,000 USD

2020 Estimated Value: $25,000 USD

Current Licensed Appraised Value: TBD



Kurt Kuhn




Richard Long




John Eaves