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4Life is a company founded with great purpose, principle and integrity. It offers not only health, but opportunity of great freedom!!

4Life’s main product is something of a miracle to exist… Transfer Factor. And they hold the patent! I will explain…

Every living being has memory molecules in their bodies, allowing ones immune system to function at it’s peak efficiency. These molecules were discovered in the 1940’s by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence. It was found that these memory molecules were vital to a healthy immune system, recording upon them all that the immune system does to defeat any sickness it encounters in ones body. This way when the immune system defeats the sickness, it reports and logs that information onto memory molecules.  Not unlike what getting a flu shot does, now, whenever that sickness enters the body again, the immune system again reports to the memory molecule, identifying the information it had previously recorded upon it of how to defeat the sickness, and then does it! The cycle then repeats.

What is better than that? The ability to transfer those memory molecules from one being to another. For instance, when a mother gives birth to her child, many begin breastfeeding that child. In doing so, the colostrum in the mother’s milk actually contains some of her memory molecules. Her memory molecules are filled with information on how her immune system defeated many sicknesses over the years! When breastfeeding her child, these memory molecules, along with all that amazing information, are transferred to the child, jump starting that child’s immune system! Thus it’s patented name is TRANSFER FACTOR, or simply referred to as TF.

4Life found that these molecules, because they are exactly alike,  are inter-species compatible! They found them in the eggs of Chickens, and in the colostrum of Cows. These animals are susceptible to the same sicknesses we are, and thus their memory molecules are reported to exactly as they are in our bodies. 4Life extracts these memory molecules, and offers them in many forms for people to take. Again, not unlike getting a flu shot, when doing so all those memory molecules now go into ones own body, with all that valuable information recorded upon them for ones immune system to utilize! Amazing! Needless to say, this product took off world wide. Many countries now offer it in their own medical wellness systems and hospitals.

Now enter the opportunity to represent this company and product to everyone around the world!

Being part of a Corporate, or Blue Collar world isn’t a bad thing, though we quickly learned that business owners are usually the only ones to truly benefit from the hard work of those they employ. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand, or believe, that they have options other than what they have been taught throughout their lives—that they should trade their time and labor for money. Most, in their endeavors to earn more, eventually become slaves to those they serve. The terrible thing is that many don’t realize they have become slaves until they see what they have lost in the process, which is usually after they have lost everything. That stated, albeit creating our own Corporation, 4Life gave us the opportunity to free ourselves from the greedy, counterproductive and stagnant corporate, and blue collar world’s we had been involved in. I state “stagnant” because there is only so far one may go in that environment. Their IS a ceiling that one cannot break through. In the 4Life opportunity, we not only found great satisfaction and financial success, we also discovered opportunities to help others achieve their own level of success and satisfaction. Helping others realize this vision remains our goal. With our freedom, we are able to travel the world, bringing our family with us, and literally changing the lives of everyone we meet by telling them about TF and the 4Life opportunity. We are proof that they too can achieve the same freedom we enjoy. We are able to spend as much time as we want enjoying our family and friends and sharing travel experiences. We have been able to help the dreams of thousands come true all over the world… and this is only the beginning! Today’s world is calling for freedom… and we are taking the answer to the world with 4Life!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated


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