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Museum of Science Fiction (MOSF) to Receive the Master Model Collection of Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)


The Kuhn Collection

Washington, DC (Mar. 6, 2019) – The model collection of Kurt Kuhn, founder and owner of Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic, will be donated to the Museum of Science Fiction, the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, beginning with a full scale replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This model will be on public display for the first time at the Museum’s annual convention, Escape Velocity, in May 2019 (for images of the collection, please see link below).

“This is the beginning of an amazing museum,” said Kuhn. “It’s the first ever replica of the model used in the shooting of the 1979 film, and after all of the work we’ve put into it, I can’t wait for the world to see it for the first time at Escape Velocity 2019.”

The replica Enterprise measures over eight feet long and four feet wide and features an automated light-up sequence identical to the scene in the film when the ship leaves drydock. The construction of this one-of-a-kind model required over 2,000-man hours and is valued at over $100,000. It will be the first of hundreds of pieces in the Kuhn Collection that will be transferred to the Museum over the next few years.

“We couldn’t be more honored that Mr. Kuhn has entrusted us with his incredible collection of replica models and props,” said Rachel Frederick, Museum Curator. “These master-level reproductions of the most iconic ships and vehicles from some of the most beloved science fiction films and television shows are indistinguishable from the original filming miniatures and truly works of art.”

Kurt Kuhn began model building at an early age and credits the original Star Trek television series for his love of science fiction. He has built, and overseen the construction of hundreds of models and props in his lifetime, many of them studio scale and near identical replicas to what was used on set during filming. These models include Cylon Raiders and Colonial Vipers from Battlestar Galactica, a wide range of Rebel and TIE Fighters from Star Wars, and numerous Star Trek vessels such as the Defiant, Klingon Bird of Prey, and Ferengi Marauder.

Mr. Kuhn has worked with many great industry artists, whom he highly credits for the creation and building of these fantastic miniatures. All of these artists will be named with each piece donated they had worked on for Mr. Kuhn. To name a few, this amazing list includes artists Dan Grumeretz, Marc Elkins, R.L. Bleecker, Mike Salzo, Steve Neisen, Jason Eaton, Rick Sternbach, Randy Cooper, Lasse Henning, Syd Mead, Richard Long, Dana Diana, Nick Sainton Clark, George Takacs, Randy Johnson, Mark Worley, Alfred Wong, Nicholas Sagan, Daniel Beck, and many, many more whose names will be displayed with the pieces they had worked on, or contributed to. The list of all involved is tremendous, and Kurt Kuhn is seeing to it that each of them receive the accolades they are deserving of.

These pieces will eventually be seen by millions of patrons of this amazing Museum, creating great imagination, and enhancing the art form with those people who would then begin to create their own art, or express wanting to have such items. “It shall lead people toward the art form, and increase business for artists who take on Commission works.” said Kuhn.

More information about Mr. Kuhn’s gift and images from the Kuhn collection is available here:

About the Museum of Science Fiction

The nonprofit Museum of Science Fiction will be the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, covering the history of the genre across the arts and providing a narrative on its relationship to the real world. The Museum will show how science fiction continually inspires individuals, influences cultures, and impacts societies. Also serving as an educational catalyst to expand interest in the science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) areas, the Museum uses tools such as mobile applications and wifi-enabled display objects to engage and entertain. For a full press packet on the Museum of Science Fiction’s vision and other information, please visit:

About Escape Velocity 2019

The Museum of Science Fiction and NASA are partnering to bring Escape Velocity 2019 to Washington, DC. The event is a futuristic world’s fair to promote informal STEAM educational activities within the context of science fiction using the fun of comic cons and fascination of science and engineering festivals. Escape Velocity 2019 seeks to make a measurable positive impact to boost informal learning on the more conceptually challenging academic areas. Escape Velocity’s mission is to attract young people to science, technology, engineering, art, and math by producing and presenting the most compelling, exciting, educational, and entertaining science festival in the United States using science fiction as its primary engine. Escape Velocity will achieve orbit on May 24-26, 2019 at the Marriott Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. For a full press packet on Escape Velocity, please visit:




Kurt Kuhn


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Photographing Our Battlestar Fleet

Missing only the Battlestar Triton from the Peace Envoy at CIMTAR (the openings of the original Battlestar Galactica series and film), here are the other four that were built and painted from the Salzo kits by artists Dan Grumeretz and Marc Elkins. They include the Battlestar’s Galactica, Atlantia, Pacifica and Acropolis. All painted differently to identify them each by their color scheme and detail. Dan and I were in a rush that day, and set these up quickly in my home office. Thus the unfinished shots never came to be. Never the less… I thought we’d share a few shots quickly taken that day. Please remember that this is my home office…and not truly set up for this… LOL. Of note: The mystery Battlestar seen in a few shots is the study model originally starting it’s life for the upcoming Singer/DeSanto Battlestar Galactica film, and with a few ownership agreement issues, and with even more design changes, then became for the Kuhn Global Productions, Battlestar Galactica origin story of “13”.
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global, Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

EACH Battlestar pictured has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $15,000 USD





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Pre-Peace Rendevous

During the building of Battlestar’s Atlantia, Galactica, and Pacifica, artist Dan Grumeretz took a few photos, one of which I used to create the Composite you see below. The Vipers are actually R.L. Bleecker builds from my own Collection and Blue Screen photos. If you look very closely, you will see three of those Vipers landing on Atlantia…. with two coming in further back. They nearly look like dots, don’t they? Also, much closer we see a set of three off the port side of Galactica, with two even more close toward Galactica’s aft area. I felt adding these elements gave it a more realistic feel.

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic


Original photo…



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“Hot Dog Piloting” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Being that the best experienced Colonial Pilots are spread thin these days, Captain Apollo rarely gets to share the skies with his best friend… Lt. Starbuck. Such was one of these days. A colony-type planet had been detected a few light years in front of the fleet and needed to have some recon done…. their names were first on the flight roster. Detecting no hostile presence, the two friends shoot for the deck of the planet to discover most of it covered with water. Alone, with beautiful skies above, deep blue oceans below…. and a whole world of freedom waiting to hear the screaming of Viper engines for the first time….. Apollo looks over at Starbuck… who just nods, and waves his hand as if to say “after you” while placing his cigar back in his mouth…. their hot dog piloting was about to begin.

Continuing as the second “atmospheric flight” composite collection piece suggested for me to do by master artist Ben Lim, while using my Blue Screen photos of the fantastic studio Viper builds done by R.L. Bleecker from the hyper accurate MSLZ22 Model kits, and using a few elements from various sources… I was able to create this scene as I viewed it in my head. What I found especially challenging was getting the reflections correct both on the Vipers themselves… as with the water beneath them. The angle of the sun made it very difficult to determine what was to be seen.


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Studio Scale Cylon Raiders – “Pyro” and “Hero” Comparison

These two Raiders are beautiful. Both built by R.L. Bleecker, look closely and you will see the differences. I photographed them side by side for all to view for themselves.

2008-02-08_KG_TOS-RAIDER-V1-V2-001AB2016The photo above I did replicating two of the Raiders as we viewed flipping over during their classic attack scenes.


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Studio Scale “Hero” Cylon Raider

I had shown the studio scale Cylon Raider “Pyro” version that had become a kit soon after Jim Key and Mark Dickson had released it. This one shown here today was patterned by artist Mike Salzo to be more like the “Hero” model that we viewed in the series and film. There are differences that you will view in another post placing them side by side.
Artist R.L. Bleecker was again behind how this piece turned out. He did wonderful work.

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,500 USD

2008-02-08_KG_TOS-RAIDER-V2-022AB2016Kuhn Global “Hero” Cylon Raider Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn


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Studio Scale “PYRO” Cylon Raider Replica from 1978 Series…Battlestar Galactica

This Version 1 Cylon Raider Studio Scale replica was masterfully built and painted by R.L. Bleecker originally for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection. The studio kit itself was mastered off an original pyro model (used in the 1978 series) that we believe may have come from what ICONS Replicas once sold. Artist Mark Dickson, under Jim Key’s banner, made it so. Later on, this would become a kit which would be sold by kit master and pattern maker Mike Salzo (MSLZ22 Models). These are the photos I took of this model during a few trial lighting tests. Unfortunately I never went back to actually photograph it correctly. In using different light filters during this shoot, the model looks bright, and yellowish in some shots. It was actually quite beautiful to look at in it’s grey paint scheme. Artist R.L. Bleecker even added the ‘ghost’ Cylon symbol that was on the original filming model. Can you see it?
This piece was given to my dear friend, and talented modeler, Marc Elkins on December 14, 2011. A few years later, it was taken apart, and rebuilt by Marc, and given a new paint scheme. It resides in his collection today.


This piece holds a 2018 Modeler Magic appraised value of $3,500 USD


2007-09-29_KG_TOS_CYLON-RAIDER_STUDIO-009B2016Photo of Kurt Kuhn with the 1978 “Pyro” Cylon Raider Replica


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Salzo V2 Studio Scale RED 3 (Biggs Darklighter)

When Mike Salzo released the V2 studio scale X-Wing, it was much different than the Captain Cardboard X-Wing, even though it was the Capt Cardboard version that was morphed by Mike to be the V2. It was beefier, and more like the hero models we viewed in Star Wars in 1977. To this point, most everyone would build either RED 5 (Luke’s), or RED 2 (Wedge)… so I asked Richard Long to build this as RED 3… Biggs Darklighter’s X-Wing. This would complete the Death Star Trench Trio I had planned on displaying together. Richard did beautiful work capturing the green tints that are on RED 3…. which is the only filmed X-Wing model to have survived filming after Episode 6 was completed. All others were blown up for the films. As we did with RED 2, we placed a new cockpit with Biggs as it’s pilot, and placed the proper droid behind him. At this point in time…. we are the first to do so world-wide with these studio replicas. This piece now resides in Germany, and in the collection of Michael Keuhner

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,500 USD

2008-03-22_KG_REL_RED3-001AB2016Kurt Kuhn with the V2 Studio Scale RED 3 X-Wing

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Salzo V2 Studio Scale RED 2 X-Wing (Wedge Antilles)

When Mike Salzo released the V-2 Studio Scale X-Wing, I was so completely excited that I purchased 3 kits from him immediately! I envisioned a trench scene large enough to have all three studio scale X-Wings within it (Somewhat like Mike Hawes masterfully made, but a bit larger for all three to be seen). This diorama was also to have Vader (with his two Wing-men) in pursuit, and it was to be about 50 feet long, embedded into the floor of the display area that people may walk over it’s heavy glass top. At that time, Modeler Magic was to be opened in Las Vegas. Alas… 2008 was a tragic year on many levels for everyone… and this placed the Modeler Magic Gallery on hold. At that time, Model Maker R.L. Bleecker was doing many amazing works for me, and he took on this beautiful V2 X-Wing. Robert made it the Wedge Antilles’ RED 2 X-Wing, replicating Wedge himself, and the droid that sat behind the actor in the full sized prop. When Mike Salzo released the V3 X-Wing Kit, and I went crazy again… purchasing 6 of them to replicate the entire 1977 X-Wing lineup that resides here on display today. As Modeler Magic went into a holding pattern, I decided to end my vision of a floor entrenched TRENCH scene. Michael Kuehner contacted me about wanting all three V2 studio scale X-Wings (what I call the TRENCH TRIO, and of which comprised of Red 2 (Wedge), Red 3 (Biggs) and Luke’s Red 5). All three were supremely packed by a ‘white-glove’ shipper and shipped to Germany to go into Michael’s Collection. Disturbingly…. only two of them survived an International Customs Agency that became involved. Allow me to clarify this wrong-doing. One of the V2 Studio Scale X-Wings was unpacked, unwrapped, played with, destroyed (as if someone threw it into the air for it to crash on the ground), then all of the parts and packing materials were thrown back into the original container, taped up and sent on it’s way THREE MONTHS LATER when we finally identified where it was abused through a shipper investigation when it disappeared. I know… I made a run on sentence for sure.. LOL. Moving on… this was a huge disappointment for Michael and myself. Because it happened in the ‘grey’ area known as “Customs”, the shipping company no longer had control of the item and therefore we learned what happened in “Customs” stayed in “Customs”. Apparently the heavy insurance policy I had taken out on them for any issues that could arise no longer applied. Unfortunately International Customs Agencies are not held liable for anything that goes through their hands. A great loss was incurred and was very much felt.
In any case… R.L. Bleecker did wonderful work on this RED 2, and Michael has a few fantastic studio scale X-Wings in his Collection.
I “blue screen” photographed this Slazo V2 studio scale RED2 directly after I received it. I showed them here on Modeler Magic back on January 8, 2009. This is basically a refresh of that original showing back then. This RED 2 was a pleasure to have in the collection, albeit a brief time, and it was a treat to photograph. I thank Robert Bleecker for his fine work, and Michael Kuehner for his patience during the Customs issue.
Enjoy the photos taken back in 2008!
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic value of $2,000 USD

Model Information

Current Owner: Michael Kuehner

Build Artist: R.L. Bleecker

Kit Offered By: Mike Salzo

Kit Pattern Work: Mike Salzo, from the Re-Vamped Atomic City Patterns

~Hours Vested to Final Display: 60

Total Vested Cost: $1,500 USD

Current Estimated Value: $2,000 USD

Kurt Kuhn




Robert Leslie Bleecker

Montana, USA




Mike Salzo



Michael Kuehner