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Blue 7 Studio Scale (1/24) X-Wing

This beautiful piece was built from a cast kit that has original lineage back to the PYRO Models used in 1977’s STAR WARS. Cast obtained from Scott Alexander of Atomic City Models, this piece originally began life as a closed wing version of RED Leader, painted by Scott Alexander himself. I had not seen any closed wing X-Wings made before this time… though there may have been some somewhere. Sadly, Red Leader had a bit of an accident, and then was sent to artist R.L. Bleecker to re-build. Robert took this closed wing X-Wing and made it amazing as he changed the red stripes to blue… just as the original models began life as. We had yet to see anything past Red 6 in wing identification, so Robert came up with what you see here… a solid block to indicate up to 6, plus a single strip to make it Blue 7. Again, nobody had done anything past Red 6 at that time, which made this highly unique. Then there was the fact he made the stripes blue… which again nobody had been doing at that time. Soon after we found some photos of the Red 12 studio model, and it’s markings. Robert also made the R2 unit have a clear dome, with a Pilot at it’s stick that could possibly be Lando Calrissian? It is for you to decide!

Fantastic work all the way around. It was a blast to photograph back then (2008). Never the less… this stands on it’s own as a great display.

I would like to thank both Scott Alexander and Robert Bleecker for their excellence in bringing this to life. Especially R.L. Bleecker for his great imaginative skills.

Above: Kurt Kuhn with the Studio Scale BLUE 7 X-Wing


Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Re-Build by R.L. Bleecker

Parts Mastered & Once Offered By: Atomic City Models

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  250

Total Vested Cost: Unknown

Current Estimated Value: $2,800 USD

Current Appraised Value: TBD


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1/2 Studio Scale (22 Inch) SS Botany Bay

This beauty was patterned by Film Writer & Producer, artist Scott Alexander. Through his banner of Atomic City Models, Scott (also known as Captain Cardboard), made this a kit for all to enjoy! I had to have one being that I had just acquired TWO 1/2 studio scale USS Enterprise kits from artist Steve Neill, and this would be the perfect companion to one of them. I gave this project to artist R.L. Bleecker, and he made it come alive. Painting it as having panels, Robert made this piece resemble the digital model utilized in the HD re-make of Star Trek the Original Series for Blu-Ray viewers. What a beautiful piece this is!

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Star Trek PHASE II (Early TMP) Klingon D-7 from Scott Alexander, Painted by Richard Long

Restored in 2006 (after being damaged in 2005 as an original TOS Paint Scheme), then photographed as a lighting test in early 2007 (and originally shown on MMM in 2008), this Studio Scale Klingon D7 was replicated from the “never realized” Star Trek Phase II television series. We then found out this was to be the early paint scheme of the Klingon ships intended for The Motion Picture. These specific D-7’s were the precursor ships to Star Trek The Motion Picture Klingon K’Tinga’s in the fact that they had PAINTED panels instead of the raised panel armor seen in that 1979 Film. Obtained from Scott Alexander (of Atomic City Models), artist Richard Long painted this piece based on the Studio Scale D-7 seen in the Magicam photo seen below, keeping the original Phase II (Early TMP) paint scheme so that the original idea remained true to those never seen models. The Model in the my Blue Screen photos is the ONLY one replicated known to exist today! Again, these photos were early photos taken as a lighting test for other models. I never went back to shoot this model again. It is currently on display here.


Here is a Magicam photo of the Phase II Studio Model… (CLICK HERE to SEE MORE)


Below: Kurt Kuhn with his Phase II (Early TMP) D-7


Model Information

Owner at Time of Posting: Kurt Kuhn

Kit Master Artist: Scott Alexander

Build Artist: Richard Long

Blue Screen Photographer: Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Kit Once Offered By: Atomic City Models

~Hours Vested to Final Display: Unknown

Total Vested Cost of Development and Build: Unknown

2020 Estimated Value: $5,000 USD

Current Licensed Appraised Value: TBD



Kurt Kuhn




Scott Alexander




Richard Long