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1/18 Darth Vader TIE Fighter X-1

In June 2009, famed artist Lasse Henning created an amazing kit in 1/18 scale! Of note: This 1/18 size I have always referred to as “Super Scale”, with anything larger as being “Mega Scale”. When I first came into this art form, one of the first artists I came to appreciate and watch frequently was Lasse Henning. His work inspired nearly everything I have in the collection today that has been created by equally appreciated and fantastic artists world-wide. Lasse has always amazed me with his work, and continues to do so today. I have known him now for two decades (20 years), and my jaw still drops when he creates something new. We had originally shown this beautiful model here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on August 19, 2009. Today I am showing this amazing model once more that Lasse made for me, again with the Blue Screen photos I took of it that have been utilized for many things we have all may have viewed… including a Calendar.

Back in 2009, when Lasse informed us all that he was creating a 1:18 Vader TIE kit, I contacted him immediately for this commission. I had been waiting for an artist to come up with either a studio scale replica, or larger. At that time, artist Chris Kelly had offered a fantastic studio scale kit, and again at that time it was “out of production”, and thus unobtainable. Lasse’s kit is much larger than the 1:24 (studio scale) model in it’s 1:18 scale (SUPER SCALE)! You can see in the photo below that the TIE ball is nearly as large as my head,.. and I am actually pressing my jaw along the rim of the back of the model itself! IT IS HUGE!! And… IT IS QUALITY! It looks as if it is a plastic injected kit… nice and crisp in every detail! AMAZING! This is one of the crowning pieces that I am honored to show in the collection! Not many of these kits were made by Lasse, keeping their value high. Thank you Lasse for you incredible work, and contributions to the excellence of this art form!

Above: Kurt Kuhn with the Lasse Henning 1/18 Darth Vader TIE Fighter X-1

Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Lasse Henning

Kit Offered By: Lasse Henning’s “The Model Shoppe”

Kit Pattern Work: Lasse Henning

~Hours Vested to Final Display:250

Total Vested Cost: $1,590 USD

Current Estimated Value: $2,000 USD

Current Appraised Value: $2,000 USD