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Studio Scale Cloud Car #1

This beautiful model was patterned by artist Tobias Rubom, then built by artist R.L. Bleecker, whom did a fantastic job. Every detail was carefully replicated. Artist Dan Grumeretz made the pilot figures exact to the originals used in filming.
As you can see I took as many angles and lighting effects as I thought would be good to allow for use. That stated, after I initially released these blue screen shots, Star Wars artist Chris Trevas contacted me to use them for a poster he was doing for Star Wars Celebration for Lucasfilm. I will show that poster soon in another posting. On the poster, it showed us looking over the shoulder of Boba Fett as the Millennium Falcon was escorted into Cloud City. The Cloud Cars seen in that official poster are taken from these photos.
The reason this Cloud Car is labeled #1 is due to this being the first we had shown, and the first that was ever known to have been replicated. There are now many that have these in their own collections, with kit makers making own releases from time to time in different sizes.
Pardon my look in this, I was taking blue screen photos of these models so much, that I decided never to wear the same hate twice, so I  wore my beanie I picked up in Scotland!
This piece would eventually be shown in the collection of Hector Rosales in the USA.

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $3,500 USD

2008-02-06_KG_CLOUD-CAR- 001B2016Kurt Kuhn with the Studio Scale Cloud Car #1

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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper MK II

This Viper is 1:20 scale, and was built and painted by artist R.L. Bleecker from the FM Model Company kit (Frank Cerney and Moeslund Mortensen). Being that there were no physical models made for the 2003 re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, it was up to someone to develop a pattern and sell the kit. Moe did just that. R.L. Bleecker did an amazing job replicating the CG model, as you can see from the comparison photo below. Of course that is me again in the photo during the model shoot.

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,000 USD

2008-01-11_KG-MKII-VIPER-001AB2016Photo of Kurt Kuhn with the MkII Viper Model

kg_cg_viper_mk2-001One of the ZOIC renders of the actual Viper used in Battlestar Galactica


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Studio Scale TIE Fighters

What color are TIE Fighter’s? This has been a question asked by many, and argued by many more. After all… in 1977’s Star Wars, they appeared to be GREY! Yet in The Empire Strikes Back, they appeared BLUE! Original Star Wars Artist Lorne Peterson answers…. “They are BLUE!”. We proved this by taking a few shots back in 2006 of the studio scale TIE Fighter under different lighting conditions. We must remember that Star Wars was innovative in many ways, including cinematography. They shot the models against blue screen backdrops just as I do today, but technology improved along the way. I lit an area the models were placed under with bright blue lighting, giving the ever present white lighting we view in Star Wars for all their space scenes. As I did so, the TIE Fighter’s blue color washed out before my eyes, making the model appear grey. Amazing! For me to actually show the TIE Fighter’s in their natural blue, I changed to a warmer color lighting, and in doing so, there they were in their beautiful ESB looking blue color. These two were made from the NICE-N Model Designs first generation offering, and built by famed R.L. Bleecker. They are beautiful to view in person. One of these now resides in Hong Kong, in the collection of Richard Sung.

Below: Kurt Kuhn with two Studio Scale TIE Fighters


Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Robert L. Bleecker

Kit Offered By: Nice-N Model Designs

Kit Pattern Work: Steve Neisen

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  55

Total Vested Cost: $2,000 USD

Current Estimated Value: $1,350 USD Each

2008-03-10_KG_TIE-FIGHTERS_N_KUHN-003AB2016Kurt Kuhn with two studio scale TIE Fighter’s

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27 Inch Cooper Rebel Blockade Runner – Tantive IV

Randy Cooper is well known in the industry as an outstanding model and prop maker for many films we have viewed. When he patterned this Tantive, I was all over it! This piece was built by R.L. Bleecker, and even utilized by Lucasfilm when they asked me to take a specific blue screen photo angle of it, in very specific lighting. They would use my photo to create a painting by Chris Trevas that would end up being a Star Wars TOPPS Card. Fantastic!

This piece has a Modeler Magic Estimated value of $6,800 USD


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Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter #1

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century “Earth Directorate” Thunder Fighter is probably one of the most recognizable science fiction designs of it’s time! It’s beautiful, sleek lines, and aggressive look have always brought my mind to daydream of actually flying one. This model came from the Jim Key patterns, then turned over to Steve Neisen to sell. This is our first shown. There were several different versions of this fighter in the television show, all of which we will soon replicate and show. When I received the parts, the box was nearly unrecognizable as a box since the shipping company handled it very poorly. I am surprised it survived so well. There were a few parts broken, like the tips of the wings on the fighter, that were covered up nicely by the build artist. This piece was fantastically built by artist R.L. Bleecker, and has been displayed for Licensed companies, and in modeling shows across the country. Unfortunately this model’s tragedies were not yet over. While traveling for display purpose, this model met with some broken challenges and would later be re-made by artist Dan Grumeretz into the “Happy Birthday Buck” Fighter…. known as Colonel Traeger’s Fighter in the series.

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,800 USD

2008-03-12_KG_THUNDERFIGHTER-000AB2016Kurt Kuhn with the Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter

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Studio Scale “PYRO” Cylon Raider Replica from 1978 Series…Battlestar Galactica

This Version 1 Cylon Raider Studio Scale replica was masterfully built and painted by R.L. Bleecker originally for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection. The studio kit itself was mastered off an original pyro model (used in the 1978 series) that we believe may have come from what ICONS Replicas once sold. Artist Mark Dickson, under Jim Key’s banner, made it so. Later on, this would become a kit which would be sold by kit master and pattern maker Mike Salzo (MSLZ22 Models). These are the photos I took of this model during a few trial lighting tests. Unfortunately I never went back to actually photograph it correctly. In using different light filters during this shoot, the model looks bright, and yellowish in some shots. It was actually quite beautiful to look at in it’s grey paint scheme. Artist R.L. Bleecker even added the ‘ghost’ Cylon symbol that was on the original filming model. Can you see it?
This piece was given to my dear friend, and talented modeler, Marc Elkins on December 14, 2011. A few years later, it was taken apart, and rebuilt by Marc, and given a new paint scheme. It resides in his collection today.


This piece holds a 2018 Modeler Magic appraised value of $3,500 USD


2007-09-29_KG_TOS_CYLON-RAIDER_STUDIO-009B2016Photo of Kurt Kuhn with the 1978 “Pyro” Cylon Raider Replica


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Salzo V2 Studio Scale RED 2 X-Wing (Wedge Antilles)

When Mike Salzo released the V-2 Studio Scale X-Wing, I was so completely excited that I purchased 3 kits from him immediately! I envisioned a trench scene large enough to have all three studio scale X-Wings within it (Somewhat like Mike Hawes masterfully made, but a bit larger for all three to be seen). This diorama was also to have Vader (with his two Wing-men) in pursuit, and it was to be about 50 feet long, embedded into the floor of the display area that people may walk over it’s heavy glass top. At that time, Modeler Magic was to be opened in Las Vegas. Alas… 2008 was a tragic year on many levels for everyone… and this placed the Modeler Magic Gallery on hold. At that time, Model Maker R.L. Bleecker was doing many amazing works for me, and he took on this beautiful V2 X-Wing. Robert made it the Wedge Antilles’ RED 2 X-Wing, replicating Wedge himself, and the droid that sat behind the actor in the full sized prop. When Mike Salzo released the V3 X-Wing Kit, and I went crazy again… purchasing 6 of them to replicate the entire 1977 X-Wing lineup that resides here on display today. As Modeler Magic went into a holding pattern, I decided to end my vision of a floor entrenched TRENCH scene. Michael Kuehner contacted me about wanting all three V2 studio scale X-Wings (what I call the TRENCH TRIO, and of which comprised of Red 2 (Wedge), Red 3 (Biggs) and Luke’s Red 5). All three were supremely packed by a ‘white-glove’ shipper and shipped to Germany to go into Michael’s Collection. Disturbingly…. only two of them survived an International Customs Agency that became involved. Allow me to clarify this wrong-doing. One of the V2 Studio Scale X-Wings was unpacked, unwrapped, played with, destroyed (as if someone threw it into the air for it to crash on the ground), then all of the parts and packing materials were thrown back into the original container, taped up and sent on it’s way THREE MONTHS LATER when we finally identified where it was abused through a shipper investigation when it disappeared. I know… I made a run on sentence for sure.. LOL. Moving on… this was a huge disappointment for Michael and myself. Because it happened in the ‘grey’ area known as “Customs”, the shipping company no longer had control of the item and therefore we learned what happened in “Customs” stayed in “Customs”. Apparently the heavy insurance policy I had taken out on them for any issues that could arise no longer applied. Unfortunately International Customs Agencies are not held liable for anything that goes through their hands. A great loss was incurred and was very much felt.
In any case… R.L. Bleecker did wonderful work on this RED 2, and Michael has a few fantastic studio scale X-Wings in his Collection.
I “blue screen” photographed this Slazo V2 studio scale RED2 directly after I received it. I showed them here on Modeler Magic back on January 8, 2009. This is basically a refresh of that original showing back then. This RED 2 was a pleasure to have in the collection, albeit a brief time, and it was a treat to photograph. I thank Robert Bleecker for his fine work, and Michael Kuehner for his patience during the Customs issue.
Enjoy the photos taken back in 2008!
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic value of $2,000 USD

Model Information

Current Owner: Michael Kuehner

Build Artist: R.L. Bleecker

Kit Offered By: Mike Salzo

Kit Pattern Work: Mike Salzo, from the Re-Vamped Atomic City Patterns

~Hours Vested to Final Display: 60

Total Vested Cost: $1,500 USD

Current Estimated Value: $2,000 USD

Kurt Kuhn




Robert Leslie Bleecker

Montana, USA




Mike Salzo



Michael Kuehner