Bonnie Taylor


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Bonnie Taylor is the Daughter of William and Anita Taylor, mother to Kristan Kuhn, and Kurt Kuhn.

Born to amazing parents, Bonnie learned what life was about at an early age. Through their teachings, she learned that Family and giving were what truly mattered. Going through much success in a few companies, and even writing some of those companies marketing programs that are still in effect today, Bonnie Taylor is well versed on what it takes to become what one wishes to be in life. After her parents passed, she became homeless after having spent her entire life savings toward the medical needs of her parents. This would never keep Bonnie down, however. As she was known for having great success in business, she was contacted by a Doctor who knew what she was capable of. Shortly after, her latest journey began in the company she was contact about… 4Life Research! In doing so, she has helped tens of thousands of people around the world reach new heights in themselves, and with her family, created the ultimate family business that will last through the generations. She continues to help people even today!






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