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Buck Rogers – Studio Scale “Traeger’s” Thunderfighter

This is a design worth drooling over. The standard studio scale Thunderfighter design was added to (by the model makers of Buck Rogers) in order to make what was considered to be an earlier version of the advanced Thunderfighter that were flown on screen by the Earth Directorate in Buck Rogers. This one was flown by Colonel Traeger. Often referred to as the “Happy Birthday Buck” fighter model, this is the world’s first known accurate replica ever produced of this model. We have seen many attempted before this that look quite amazing, but none that actually replicate it all… like artist Dan Gurmeretz did on this replica. Utilizing the damaged model of the studio scale Thunderfighter (SEEN HERE) that R.L. Bleecker built years ago (from a generational kit that was sold to me by Steve Neisen), we thought it best to use it for this design. The original Thunderfighter replica that R.L. Bleecker had built was badly in need of repair after being loaned to be shown, and shipped around with a company that would soon release the studio scale Thunderfighter replica. With that model ready to go, Dan set off with the additions needed to make it a true replica. It turned out beautifully.

ABOVE: Kurt Kuhn with the Studio Scale Traeger Thunderfighter Replica

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Star Trek III Studio Scale (1:120) Klingon Bird of Prey

Many of you saw this model last May as Dan Grumeretz completed the build from the NICE-N Model Design Kit. He brought it over for Blue Screen photos last July, and we just now time to do something with them. We had moved just before that time. That stated, this is the second kit produced by NICE-N as Steve Neisen himself was going to build it for the collection here, and upon going to work for a known company, the build transferred to one of our own artist’s… Dan Grumertez. Only a handful of these currently exist. As for the photos, please pardon the model lighting starbursts…. during the move I had misplaced a filter. We hope you enjoy the shots of this beautiful model.
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global, Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $60,000 USD

2015-07-31_KG_DG_NICE-N_SS-BOP_000ABKurt Kuhn & Dan Grumeretz with the Star Trek III Studio Scale Klingon Bird of Prey Replica







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Studio Scale Y-Wing GOLD Leader Replica

Of all the studio scale Y-Wing’s… this one is my favorite. Made from the parts used to make the Master Replicas Y-Wing, again I enlisted artist Matt Meyer to build this great replica. Gold Leader had so many great markings.. including the infamous TIE Fighter symbol on it’s nose. I love this piece. Matt truly did amazing work. This piece now resides in Hong Kong, along side GOLD 5, in the collection of Richard Sung.

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Studio Scale Y-Wing GOLD 5 Replica

Made from studio scale Y-Wing parts (then sold by Steve Neisen, and of which he helped develop for the Master Replicas Y-Wing), I asked artist Matt Meyer to make them into the  Y-Wing known as GOLD 5  that we viewed on screen in 1977’s Star Wars. He did a beautiful job replicating it. From it’s different markings, to the smaller sized guns, this replica truly shows the Y-Wing original design that I love so much. This model now resides in the Richard Sung Collection in Hong Kong.

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Studio Scale TIE Fighters

What color are TIE Fighter’s? This has been a question asked by many, and argued by many more. After all… in 1977’s Star Wars, they appeared to be GREY! Yet in The Empire Strikes Back, they appeared BLUE! Original Star Wars Artist Lorne Peterson answers…. “They are BLUE!”. We proved this by taking a few shots back in 2006 of the studio scale TIE Fighter under different lighting conditions. We must remember that Star Wars was innovative in many ways, including cinematography. They shot the models against blue screen backdrops just as I do today, but technology improved along the way. I lit an area the models were placed under with bright blue lighting, giving the ever present white lighting we view in Star Wars for all their space scenes. As I did so, the TIE Fighter’s blue color washed out before my eyes, making the model appear grey. Amazing! For me to actually show the TIE Fighter’s in their natural blue, I changed to a warmer color lighting, and in doing so, there they were in their beautiful ESB looking blue color. These two were made from the NICE-N Model Designs first generation offering, and built by famed R.L. Bleecker. They are beautiful to view in person. One of these now resides in Hong Kong, in the collection of Richard Sung.

Below: Kurt Kuhn with two Studio Scale TIE Fighters


Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Robert L. Bleecker

Kit Offered By: Nice-N Model Designs

Kit Pattern Work: Steve Neisen

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  55

Total Vested Cost: $2,000 USD

Current Estimated Value: $1,350 USD Each

2008-03-10_KG_TIE-FIGHTERS_N_KUHN-003AB2016Kurt Kuhn with two studio scale TIE Fighter’s

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Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter #1

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century “Earth Directorate” Thunder Fighter is probably one of the most recognizable science fiction designs of it’s time! It’s beautiful, sleek lines, and aggressive look have always brought my mind to daydream of actually flying one. This model came from the Jim Key patterns, then turned over to Steve Neisen to sell. This is our first shown. There were several different versions of this fighter in the television show, all of which we will soon replicate and show. When I received the parts, the box was nearly unrecognizable as a box since the shipping company handled it very poorly. I am surprised it survived so well. There were a few parts broken, like the tips of the wings on the fighter, that were covered up nicely by the build artist. This piece was fantastically built by artist R.L. Bleecker, and has been displayed for Licensed companies, and in modeling shows across the country. Unfortunately this model’s tragedies were not yet over. While traveling for display purpose, this model met with some broken challenges and would later be re-made by artist Dan Grumeretz into the “Happy Birthday Buck” Fighter…. known as Colonel Traeger’s Fighter in the series.

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,800 USD

2008-03-12_KG_THUNDERFIGHTER-000AB2016Kurt Kuhn with the Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter

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