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Buck Rogers – Studio Scale “Traeger’s” Thunderfighter

This is a design worth drooling over. The standard studio scale Thunderfighter design was added to (by the model makers of Buck Rogers) in order to make what was considered to be an earlier version of the advanced Thunderfighter that were flown on screen by the Earth Directorate in Buck Rogers. This one was flown by Colonel Traeger. Often referred to as the “Happy Birthday Buck” fighter model, this is the world’s first known accurate replica ever produced of this model. We have seen many attempted before this that look quite amazing, but none that actually replicate it all… like artist Dan Gurmeretz did on this replica. Utilizing the damaged model of the studio scale Thunderfighter (SEEN HERE) that R.L. Bleecker built years ago (from a generational kit that was sold to me by Steve Neisen), we thought it best to use it for this design. The original Thunderfighter replica that R.L. Bleecker had built was badly in need of repair after being loaned to be shown, and shipped around with a company that would soon release the studio scale Thunderfighter replica. With that model ready to go, Dan set off with the additions needed to make it a true replica. It turned out beautifully.

ABOVE: Kurt Kuhn with the Studio Scale Traeger Thunderfighter Replica

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Studio Scale Klingon K’RONOS One Replica

What can I say? I have dreamed of this piece for quite some time…. and I know many of you have as well.

Built from the amazing Richard Long studio scale Klingon K’TINGA kit (of which only 5 or 6 were produced), artist Dan Grumeretz took extra care to make sure this piece was as accurate as we could make it to be K’RONOS One. Utilizing the Jim Creveling photos of the actual studio model (Seen Here), Dan replicated the details that were not on the K’Tinga Kit. He modified the neck mating area, the Engine Nacelles, the Bridge, the rear…. just about everything other than the shape Richard amazingly created by hand. We even recreated the patterns for the photo etch, sending them out to a company that is unfamiliar with this art form… just so this would be a surprise to everyone… LOL. I asked Dan to place in full lighting…. including the navigation and blinking lights, and the Torpedo Bay which lightly burns… like the embers of a fire almost out… extremely nice to view. Even the wiring on the outside of the ship, going down the length of the neck, we replicated. One cannot really touch this piece as their hands or clothes may get caught on the many pieces of photo etch upon it’s hull….. it is everywhere! I asked Dan to replicate the splotches of gold painted on here and there to make this K’Ronos replica as ornate as the original. It is magnificent. Dan did a fantastic job…. as is his usual. Thank you Dan! And though he is no longer in this art form…. thank you Richard.

Photographing this was a real treat, albeit having a new setup, and the fact my eyes are not great any longer…lol. That stated, this is K’Ronos One, and my excitement levels are through the roof!

In my new photography area, my lighting is a bit challenged, yet I managed to get some good shots of this beast. I will endeavor to fix my lighting issues for the next piece coming up. Dust is also a bit of a challenge here… lol. Keep in mind that some of these are extreme close-up photos, and as such reveal tiny things that one would not normally see with the naked eye.

This was a joyous experience…. and I am so thrilled to have this in the collection here.

As stated above… Richard Long in no longer in this art form… and no longer produces anything within it. That stated… if one were to want a studio scale K’Tinga Kit…. one might try contacting NICE-N Model Designs. Word has it they have beautiful patterns and the ability to produce such a kit.

OH! I almost forgot. I am getting old…lol. Check out the two film composites I made using actual captures from the film, and the model in the blue screen photographs.

Above: Kurt Kuhn with the K’Ronos One Replica

Above: Dan Grumeretz (left) and Kurt Kuhn (right) with the K’Ronos One Replica


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1/24 Poe Dameron BLACK T-70 X-Wing Fighter

The Black T-70 X-Wing turned out fantastic by artist Dan Grumeretz. To my knowledge, this is the world’s first 1/24 build to be completed and shown publicly. It was a pleasure to photograph, and now resides in the collection here for all to view.

This began life a few years ago with a Pattern being made by Artist Richard Long. A few years later Richard sold me the incomplete Patterns of which I in turn, gave them to the owner of KORBANTH Sabers Props & Models (Randy Johnson) to finish and create a kit from, that all may enjoy this model. Randy gave them to one of his Kit Makers, artist Mark Worley, and it was Mark that finished the pattern, adding details to it before making molds of it to cast kits from. Eventually the first kit came out of those molds. Because I purchased the patterns originally, I received cast numbers 1, 2 & 3 of this fine kit. What you see here is number 1 that I asked artist Dan Grumeretz to turn into Poe Dameron’s BLACK X-Wing Fighter. In the film “The Last Jedi” there was an addition to the rear of the X-Wing added…. a TURBO Booster Engine. Both Mark and Dan went to work to produce this excellent add on that we made interchangeable with the original by adding magnets to the part.

A beautiful job by all. I wish to thank Richard Long, Randy Johnson, Mark Worley, and Dan Grumeretz for helping bring this kit to life, and the public.

Above: Kurt Kuhn with the 1/24 Poe Dameron “Black” T-70 X-Wing

Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Build Artist: Dan Grumeretz of Grumeretz, LLC

Kit Offered By: Korbanth Sabers, Models & Props

Kit Pattern Work: Richard Long & Mark Worley

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  250

Total Vested Cost: $2,500 USD

Current Estimated Value: $2,500 USD

Current Appraised Value: $2,500 USD

Built to display with either The Last Jedi Booster Engine, or the original The Force Awakens look.

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Star Trek III Studio Scale (1:120) Klingon Bird of Prey

Many of you saw this model last May as Dan Grumeretz completed the build from the NICE-N Model Design Kit. He brought it over for Blue Screen photos last July, and we just now time to do something with them. We had moved just before that time. That stated, this is the second kit produced by NICE-N as Steve Neisen himself was going to build it for the collection here, and upon going to work for a known company, the build transferred to one of our own artist’s… Dan Grumertez. Only a handful of these currently exist. As for the photos, please pardon the model lighting starbursts…. during the move I had misplaced a filter. We hope you enjoy the shots of this beautiful model.
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global, Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

This piece has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $60,000 USD

2015-07-31_KG_DG_NICE-N_SS-BOP_000ABKurt Kuhn & Dan Grumeretz with the Star Trek III Studio Scale Klingon Bird of Prey Replica







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Photographing Our Battlestar Fleet

Missing only the Battlestar Triton from the Peace Envoy at CIMTAR (the openings of the original Battlestar Galactica series and film), here are the other four that were built and painted from the Salzo kits by artists Dan Grumeretz and Marc Elkins. They include the Battlestar’s Galactica, Atlantia, Pacifica and Acropolis. All painted differently to identify them each by their color scheme and detail. Dan and I were in a rush that day, and set these up quickly in my home office. Thus the unfinished shots never came to be. Never the less… I thought we’d share a few shots quickly taken that day. Please remember that this is my home office…and not truly set up for this… LOL. Of note: The mystery Battlestar seen in a few shots is the study model originally starting it’s life for the upcoming Singer/DeSanto Battlestar Galactica film, and with a few ownership agreement issues, and with even more design changes, then became for the Kuhn Global Productions, Battlestar Galactica origin story of “13”.
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global, Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

EACH Battlestar pictured has a 2016 Modeler Magic appraised value of $15,000 USD





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Studio Scale USS Defiant NX-74205 Replica

When Richard Long began his pattern work on this amazing model years ago, I felt lucky to be on the list whom would get this piece. Today, I know I am lucky to have one as only 3 were made according to Richard, and what you see here is number 1 of those 3 made. After Dana Diana (DANAMAGIC) laid up the fiberglass for this piece, (also casting the resin pieces needed from Richard’s patterns), Richard then a basic build and paint up of it in time to be seen at 2013’s Wonderfest. After it’s successful debut, Richard brought it home and I assigned it to artist Dan Grumeretz to continue work on it, adding the lighting, windows, extra details and painted markings. While some of the markings are decals, some are also painted on. Since this is a smaller Starship, utilizing fiber optic for the windows would not work for it’s scale, so Dan used clear acrylic rods for the even lighting of the windows…. somewhat like what fiber optics accomplish. Dan also did the red vinyl tape job for the stripes, finishing it for display here at Modeler Magic. I thank all artists involved, including Doug Drexler for assisting Richard with the design in order to get the shape and markings correct. I am very pleased with the result of this replica.

This piece has a 2018 Modeler Magic appraised value of $30,000 USD

Kurt Kuhn with the studio scale model for size comparison.

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37 Inch – Battlestar Columbia BS-37

This beautiful model was scratch built by artist Clifton Simmons to resemble both new series and old series styled Battlestars. He achieved the look fantastically. This model did not come with lighting installed, so I used a small flashlight for the bays when taking the photos. The engine lighting I quickly photo-shopped in. Please excuse my mistakes there… lol. I was thrilled to have this for the time that I did, and like Cliff with regard to his own creation, I miss it being here. This fantastic piece now resides in Hong Kong…. the the Richard Sung Collection.

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ESB Sketchbook Inspired – Imperial Cutter INTRACTIBLE

About a decade ago, I tasked artist R.L. Bleecker with building this piece. It would be a larger version of a small model he scratch built while in a shop we had running at that time. This model design was inspired by the Joe Johnston and Nilo Rodis-Jamero’s 1980 released book…”The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook”, and it was of the initial sketch for the Super Star Destroyer EXECUTOR. Being a Veteran of the United States Navy himself, Robert had classified what he built as a “Cutter”… an Imperial Cutter. When I saw what he had created in that smaller model, and he confirmed where his inspiration came from (as I recognized it as well), it was clear a larger version must be built…. and so he did. This one we would name the Imperial Cutter INTRACTIBLE. This model actually has parts used (the engine bells) that are from a real U.S. military aircraft. Robert used many recognizable items for the communications and jamming equipment on top of the model. This model represents what practical use may have been of this type of vessel in the Empire’s Imperial Fleet. As a back story, we developed this: Measuring slightly less long than the 752 meter ACCLAIMATOR Star Destroyer Class, the new 686 meter PERSISTANT Class Imperial Cutter INTRACTIBLE is the second version of this new Imperial weapon. This makes this vessel, if it were real, to be just over 1/3 the full length of the basic Imperial Star Destroyers we know (ie Devastator and Avenger). The model itself is 27 inches long which bring this piece to the 1:1000 scale exactly. Robert did a magnificent job creating this piece.

…The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook and Sketch that inspired this build…

Model Information

Current Owner: Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global, Inc.

Scratch Build Artist: Robert L. Bleecker

~Hours Vested to Final Display:  400

Total Vested Cost: $12,500 USD

Current Estimated Value: $15,000 USD

Current Appraised Value: $16,000 USD

… and my Blue Screen Photos of the Intractible…


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eFX 1/24 X-Wing (China Paint Prototype #1)

I had the great pleasure of being sent one of eFX’s studio scale sized X-Wing’s that they offered in order to give it an honest review. I did so (SEEN HERE). I was also granted the pleasure of taking Blue Screen Photos of it, which you see here today. Everything I had to tell of this model is in the review. I can say that it was a pleasure to photograph, as it challenged me a bit more than usual with it’s immovability on it’s short stand. That stated…. I am grateful of eFX for allowing me to do so.
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic

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1/24 Darth Vader ETA3 Fighter with Hyperdrive

This fantastic design was scratch & bash built by artist Barry Murray. I must admit that I very much love what Barry did here, mixing the ETA and Jedi wedge-shaped fighter designs together.  Adding the fantastically designed, and magnetically attached Hyperdrive unit gave this piece that extra something that brought us all further into it’s design. This was described to me by Barry as being the vehicle Darth Vader hunted down the remaining Jedi with after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Barry did an excellent job!
This piece now resides in the Hector Rosales Collection.


This piece has a 2018 Modeler Magic appraised value of $2,000 USD

Kurt Kuhn with the ETA3 Fighter with Hyperdrive

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