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Star Trek TNG & DS9 Studio Scale Ferengi Marauder – Cast 1

This piece began as a cast from the original Star Trek TNG model patterns given to artist Richard Long to clean up for casting. The shop that sent it to Richard, (John Eblan’s shop), agreed to allow Richard to cast what he cleaned up, then sell a build to me in order to get Richard paid for the venture of doing so. What is extra memorable about this is that I actually made this deal with Richard while I was in Rome, Italy with my family on a business trip in which we were able to see the Pope at the Vatican. It is funny how we remember things we acquire. Richard did a magnificent job in his fix of the original in order to cast and build this piece. This would later go on to be shown in the Hector Rosales Collection in the USA.

This piece has a 2018 Modeler Magic appraised value of $25,000 USD

2007-10-26_KG_SS-FERENGI-001B-1AB2016Photo of Kurt Kuhn with the Ferengi Marauder



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1:350 (Over 25 Inch) Enterprise NX-01

When Polar Lights came out with this fantastic kit, many were excited… including me. I wanted to make certain it received the best of care in it’s coming to life, so I called upon ILM model maker John Eblan. Working in his own shop at this time in Florida, The FX Company, John made this piece amazing. He placed hidden power inlets to allow me to photograph this model from it’s belly, or it’s top. For that matter… with this option, anyone could display this model hanging from above with lighting effects! This was also the first model I had seen with an actual key fob used as a remote to turn on the lighting effects John placed into it. Even the nacelle caps (Bussard Collectors) had the rotating lighting effect! Sadly, over time and a few moves, this piece is in need of repair. Never the less… the below photos are of it in it’s beginning. Beautiful work.

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